Welcome to our website. We are glad you stopped in to check us out. It’s taken a minute or two to get to this point of our ranching operation and yet here we are. It is understandable if you think this is a new operation with a new website and a new affinity for Wagyu cattle and the beef we produce, but you would be mistaken. This operation took its first steps almost 20 years ago, even though it looks much different than it does today. Ranching is truly a winding road. During these last 20 years, we raised some kids, bought a ranch, experimented with different cattle breeds, sold a ranch, moved to the hill country, bought another ranch, sent kids to college, developed some products, formed some opinions and even changed some of those opinions. We would like to say in the end it was all worth it. We can’t because we aren’t at an end. Maybe we are still at the beginning. It’s hard to say.

Regardless, we are bringing some great Wagyu products to you from this very site. We have been selling these products for awhile in central Texas. Every single item we offer enjoys a loyal local following and we can’t wait for folks outside of our area to try them. We truly hope you try them all.

On another note, this website wouldn’t have been possible without the steady guidance and patience of McCraw Design. Cow work and website design and everything that goes with it do not require the same skill sets. However, he prevailed over our shortcomings and got us to this point. Thanks, Shawn. We sure appreciate you!