Each and every product you see on this website is made in small batches at USDA-inspected facilities. However, when we are developing new products they are made in micro batches, sometimes in amounts of 20-25 pounds, but still at USDA-inspected facilities. When we hit on a product that we think is worth submitting to the public, we will offer these micro batch products on this website. Since they are so new, our label may  not have been approved by the USDA. This takes time and money and we would rather offer the product to you for your enjoyment and feedback now. These micro batch products will have a simple white label that satisfies all of the requirements of the USDA but does not include the word Wagyu even though it is made with Wagyu beef. 

Our most recent “beef stick in beta” is our Honey BBQ Wagyu beef stick. The first micro batch we made was 25 pounds and the feedback was great, but it needed some improvement. The next batch was larger and even better than the first. We are now on our third batch of Honey BBQ Wagyu beef sticks and it’s obvious this stick is going to make it into our permanent line-up. However, while the permanent label is working its way through the USDA, it is sold with the plain white label.

I promise you this will not be the last “beef stick in beta.” We already have new ideas for new products. One of the benefits of being a small ranch making micro batches is we have flexibility to try something new. Nothing is submitted to the new product committee for evaluation and then pushed up the hierarchy to the marketing directors. We only have one level of decision makers and they also feed the cows!